Electric power systems I: Dynamic Modeling of Cascading Failure in Power Systems(2015/7/16午前 福岡工業大学)


【H27/7 テーマ】マグネティクス/スピントロにクス及び電力スマートグリッド技術

■講 師: Dr. Eduard Cotilla-Sanchez
■ご所属: Oregon State University(オレゴン州立大学 電気計算機工学科 米国)
■演 題: Electric power systems I: Dynamic Modeling of Cascading Failure in Power Systems

■日 時: 平成 27年 7月 16 日 (木) 10:40-12:10
■場 所: 福岡工業大学 A棟6階 電気工学専攻大学院ゼミ室(6170)

■主 催: 福岡工業大学 大学院工学研究科

  The modeling of cascading failure in power systems is difficult because of the many different mechanisms involved; no single model captures all of these mechanisms. Understanding the relative importance of these different mechanisms is important for choosing which mechanisms need to be modeled for particular applications. In this lecture we will present a dynamic simulation model of both power networks and protection systems, which can simulate a wider variety of cascading outage mechanisms relative to existing quasi-steady-state (QSS) models. We will describe the model and demonstrate how different mechanisms interact. In order to test the model, we simulated a batch of randomly selected N-2 contingencies for several different static load configurations, and found that the distributions of blackout sizes and event lengths from the simulator correlate well with historical trends. The results also show that load models have significant impacts on the cascading risks. Finally, the dynamic model was compared against a simple dc-power-flow based QSS model; we find that the two models tend to agree for the early stages of cascading but produce substantially different results for later stages.

7/16のElectric Power Systems Iでは、動的シミュレーションモデルの解析ステップ周期について、また系統故障時の可能な対応について等の質問が学生よりなされた。参加学生は、米国の電力系統の実際を学習することが出来た。
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