Electric power systems Ⅱ: Microgrid Protection and Synchrophasors (2015/7/17午前 福岡工業大学)


【H27/7 テーマ】マグネティクス/スピントロにクス及び電力スマートグリッド技術

■講 師: Dr. Eduard Cotilla-Sanchez
■ご所属: Oregon State University(オレゴン州立大学 電気計算機工学科 米国)
■演 題: Electric power systems Ⅱ: Microgrid Protection and Synchrophasors

■日 時: 平成 27年 7月 17 日 (金) 10:40-12:10
■場 所: 福岡工業大学 A棟6階 電気工学専攻大学院ゼミ室(6170)

■主 催: 福岡工業大学 大学院工学研究科

  In the past two years, Oregon State University (OSU) Corvallis campus suffered several power outages. The estimated cost of one of those outages was close to a million dollars’ worth of equipment and impact on research projects. Meanwhile, the campus grid operates with severely aging power assets. The reliability of campus grid operations impact students, faculty and staff and is becoming a general concern. The university, as many other institutions that have critical loads within particularly weak power system areas, is seeking for a sustainable solution in order to cope with these reliability issues. Moreover, due to the fast speed of power system upgrades, integration of renewable energy resources, increasing demands for grid reliability, and aging and retiring infrastructure, there is a growing set of operational and hands on requirements for the power system students who graduate from the college. Based on the feedback from job interviews and the local industry, utilities are more willing to hire students that familiar with both hardware and software operation of modern power system. Motivated by the challenges described above, we propose two complementary research efforts: a microgrid synchrophasor placement approach, and the design of a power system protection laboratory. OSU campus grid is supported by the main grid with several feeders. There is an advanced cogeneration facility, and two large photovoltaic arrays inside the campus and owned by OSU. Also, many buildings are equipped with smart meters and energy management systems. Therefore, the campus grid has the potential to operate itself as a microgrid. Before applying microgrids technology to the OSU campus grid, the topic of optimization of synchrophasor placement will be an important initial step. In addition, for a microprocessor-based relay, which is widely used in a typical microgrid, the principle and function are the main contents for the new power system curriculum.

 7/17のElectric Power Systems IIでは、故障復帰の際の遮断機の再投入はどのようになされるか、また余剰電力のストレージにはどのような設備が使用されるか、系統電力の位相整合は具体的にどのように行われるかなど活発な質問が学生からなされた。参加学生は、米国の電力系統の実際を学習することが出来た。
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