Advancement of Electrical Machines towards Electrified vehicles (2015/11/17 福岡工業大学)



■講 師: Dr. Cristopher Gerada
       ※都合によりDr. Puvaneswaran Arumugam から変更になりました。
■ご所属: University of Nottingham(ノッティンガム大学 電気電子工学科 英国)

■演 題: Advancement of Electrical Machines towards Electrified vehicles

■日 時: 平成 27年 11月 17日(火) 16:20 ~ 17:50
■場 所: 福岡工業大学 本部棟1階 Cultivation Site R2教室

■主催: 福岡工業大学 大学院工学研究科

 Technology in next generation electric vehicles is undergoing a significant development. Future electric cars are expected to be more fuel efficient and also simpler to service and maintain. The way towards this goal has been identified as a move towards “more electric” systems by replacement of combustion engine with electrical counterparts. Electrical machines and drives are a key enabling technology for such electric vehicle concept in which the key characteristics such as high torque density and power density, high torque for starting, at low speeds and hill climbing, and high power for high speed cruising, wide operating speed range and high efficiency over wide speed and torque ranges, particularly at low torque operation, should be accounted for.


This seminar overviews various electrical machine technologies, including induction (IM) machines, switched reluctance (SR) machines, brushless permanent magnet (PM) machines and PM assisted electrical machines by taking into account the technology movement towards electric vehicles from conventional vehicles’ architecture. Design and the merits of electrical machine topologies, in terms of torque and power density, operating speed range, over load capability, and efficiency, will be presented. The concept of Hybrid technology and their benefits also will be presented.

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