Cells Dancing to Maxwell’s Equations (2016/7/6 九州大学@博多)



■講 師: Ronald Pethig
■ご所属: The University of Edinburgh(英国)

■演 題: Cells Dancing to Maxwell’s Equations

■日 時: 平成 28 年 7 月 6 日(水) 15:30~17:00
■場 所: TKP博多駅前シティセンター カンファレンス6

■主 催: 九州大学大学院システム情報科学研究院 電気システム工学部門
■共 催: 九州パワーアカデミー

  This talk is intended for a general scientific audience. It will show, with the aid of videos, how Maxwell’s theories of dimensional analysis and electromagnetism continue to influence the biomedical applications of bioelectronics. This is particularly the case for the study of the electrokinetic (dielectrophoresis and electrorotation) properties of cells, bacteria and viruses. More than 150 years ago Maxwell gave the first demonstration of colour photography to an astonished audience. The basic principle of this has been incorporated into the world’s smallest TV screen, and the technology developed for this has the potential to be adapted to study the functioning of neural networks. Aspects of Maxwell’s life (He was born and studied at the University of Edinburgh) will be threaded into the talk.

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