On the Multi-Input Converters (2017/1/17 福岡工業大学)



■講 師: Prof. Dr. Yaow-Ming
■ご所属: National Taiwan University

■演 題: On the Multi-Input Converters

■日 時: 平成 29年 1 月 17日(火)16:20 ~ 17:50
■場 所: 福岡工業大学 E棟3階 Cultivation Site R2教室

■主 催: 福岡工業大学 大学院工学研究科

  Due to the rapidly developing renewable energy, the multi-input converter becomes an essential part of the hybrid energy system, such as the PV/wind power generation system. The multi-input converter should be able to deliver power from different energy sources to the load, simultaneously or individually, without affecting each other’s operation. To fulfill the required power conversion functions, the circuit topology of the multi-input power converter should be developed. The power flow control of the multi-input control is also crucial. In this talk, the circuit topology development as well as the control scheme of the multi-input will be addressed.

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