Development of Marx-type pulsed power generator and its application (2017/2/10 熊本大学)



■講 師:李 孜 准教授   

■演 題:Development of Marx-type pulsed power generator and its application

■日 時:2017 年 2 月 10 日(金)14:30 ~16:00
■場 所:熊本大学 黒髪南地区 総合研究棟、204会議室

■主催:熊本大学 大学院自然科学研究科

 Bipolar junction transistors (BJTs) have been widely studied and used in nanosecond high-voltage pulse generators due to the advantages of fast switching speed and high repetitive frequency. In this lecture, a traditional BJT-Marx circuit using charging resistors is analyzed theoretically and experimentally. Based on the results, the structure of a circuit is changed to decrease the isolation voltage across the resistors, and diodes are used to replace charging resistors to block capacitors discharging to resistors. Experimental results showed that the three Marx generators proposed in this study output pulses with higher voltage amplitude, and the last improved circuit outputs pulses with faster fall times at a higher efficiency. I would like talk about the improved Marx type generator and the application on the treatment of cotton cloth.

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