Introduction to Electronic Displays (2017/2/23 熊本大学)



■講 師:Prof., Dr.-Eng., Paik-Kyun Shin
■ご所属:Dept. of Electrical Eng., INHA University, Korea

■演 題:Introduction to Electronic Displays

■日 時:2017 年 2月 23日(木) 12:50 ~14:20
■場 所:熊本大学 黒髪南地区 総合研究棟 2階 204会議室

■主催:熊本大学 大学院自然科学研究科

 Representative technologies of sophisticated electronic displays will be introduced with structure and operation principle: (1) TFT-LCD; (2) AM-OLED; (3) e-Paper; (4) flexible/transparent displays. Features and advantages/disadvantages of specific electronic display will be discussed and compared to other electronic displays. Trends of technological development and outlook for future application markets will be discussed in relation with other platform/application of technologies.

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