Use of wide bandgap semiconductors in power electronic circuits(2016/2/8 福岡工業大学)



■講 師: Dr. Lee Empringham
■ご所属: University of Nottingham(ノッティンガム大学 電気電子工学科 英国)

■演 題: Use of wide bandgap semiconductors in power electronic circuits

■日 時: 平成 28年 2月 8日(月) 14:40 ~ 16:10
■場 所: 福岡工業大学 本部棟1階 Cultivation Site R2教室

■主催: 福岡工業大学 大学院工学研究科

 As the desire for increased power density and reduced losses pushes the switching speed of modern power devices to ever increasing levels, Low level interactions with parasitic elements within the power circuit become increasingly more important together with increased potential for Electro-magnetic Interference. The standard ‘add more devices’ approach to building high current power modules restricts the potential gains which are promised from modern wide bandgap power devices in that, increasing power module sizes increases parasitic component values and the potential for EMI emissions.
 This lecture will discuss packaging and integration issues within power modules and highlight the problems with present power module approaches with respect to the use of high speed devices and will outline a modular approach to the design and construction of high power converters which also addresses the increasingly important EMI issues of modern power converters. The concept of integration in power modules regarding a complete system approach to power module design including, thermal, electro-magnetic effects and parasitic minimisation, will be introduced together with discussion around real-world application examples.

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