Space charge in insulating polymers : modelling, energetic effects and specific features. [9月15日(金)九州工業大学]



■講 師: Dr. Christian LAURENT
■ご所属: Plasma Laboratory and Energy Conversion
        – LAPLACE University of Toulouse and CNRS

■演 題: Space charge in insulating polymers :
          modelling, energetic effects and specific features

■日 時:平成 29年 9月 15日(金)16:30〜18:00
■場 所:九州工業大学 総合教育棟C-2A
      九州大学 伊都キャンパス ウエスト2号館 3階 第8講義室
      熊本大学 仮設プレハブD棟 1階 会議室B 
      福岡大学 配信なし
      福岡工業大学 配信なし

■主 催:九州工業大学 大学院 工学研究院 
■申込/お問合せ:小迫、森 renkei_kit[at]
 Electrical Engineering should face the challenge of developing a mature approach in insulation design. Modeling charge transport and linking charge dynamics with dissipative processes responsible for electrical ageing are crucial as regard this objective. Such approach is exemplified on polyethylene-based materials by introducing two models describing bipolar Space Charge Limited Current in transient and steady states. They rely on two classical descriptions of the distribution function of the energy levels of trap states –single trapping level or exponential distribution. Their predictions are discussed as regards the experimental behavior. They notably highlight the importance of recombination processes in explaining the sigmoidal shape of the steady-state current-voltage characteristic and explain the development of oscillatory charge packets. The energetic features of charge dynamics is considered through the recombination of charges leading to electroluminescence. The previous models developed for the DC case are extended to the AC case demonstrating the specific space charge behavior at interfaces between the insulating materials and the electrodes. Some other experiments aiming at controlling the injection of charges into the materials are presented and commented.

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