Chemical Sensors for Food and Biomedical Applications (2016/12/20 福岡工業大学)



■講 師: Dr. Ganesh Kumar Mani
■ご所属: Micro/Nano Technology Center, Tokai University
■演 題: Chemical Sensors for Food and Biomedical Applications

■日 時: 平成 28年 12 月 20 日(火)10:40~12:10
■場 所: 福岡工業大学 A棟6階 電気工学専攻大学院ゼミ室

■主 催: 福岡工業大学 大学院工学研究科
■共 催: 九州パワーアカデミー

  The first decade of the 21st century has been labelled as “Sensor Decade” due to tremendous advances have been made in sensor technology. This talk will begin by presenting brief introduction about chemical sensors and their recent advancements. First part of this talk start with development of metal oxide thin film based chemiresistive sensors for food quality applications. The effect of annealing and doping (Co, Ni & Cu) on sensing parameters like sensitivity, stability, humidity and selectivity will be presented. All the observed figure of merits of the sensing elements with appropriate sensing mechanisms will be presented. On the other side, the detection of pH at the single-cell level is hoping for the great level of clinical importance for the early detection of many diseases like cancer, diabetes, etc. Hence, the fabrication of single-cell pH sensor and its testing with various biological platforms such as normal and cancer cells. To further improve the efficiency, various parameters were taken into account like thickness, sampling time, stabilization time was performed and the same will be discussed. Finally, integration of such sensors with microfluidic platforms and its advantages in designing Bio-MEMS can be explained concisely.

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