Advanced Nanomaterials for Energy and Environmental applications [7月27日(木)福岡工業大学]


■講師:Dr. Bharath Govindan
(ご所属)College of Science & General Studies, Alfaisal University

■演題:Advanced Nanomaterials for Energy and Environmental applications

■日時:平成29年7月27日(木)13:00 〜 14:30
■場所:福岡工業大学(E棟3階 Cul Site R2)


■概要:The essential role of nanomaterials in environment and energy issues has become more apparent in recent years. Various kinds of graphene and metal oxides based nanomaterials are developing fast and explosively and attracting a huge amount of scientific attention. They continue to show promising potential and have found application in electorchemical sensors, solar cells, fuel cells, secondary batteries, supercapacitors, air and water purification, and removal of domestic and outdoor air pollutants. Mainly in this presentation deal with fundamentals of nanoscience and technology, types of nanomaterials and synthesis, synthesis of graphene, boron nitride, semiconducting nanostructures and their nanocomposites for electrochemical sensors, solar cell, environmental remediation, CO2 capture and water splitting applications. This presentation mainly covers energy and environmental issues.
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